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Innovation ID356
Version ID271
Innovation TitleSmartphone-based Citizen Science Approach for Improved Fish Catch Monitoring in Bangladesh
Innovation description Innovative approach of engaging trained boat skippers as Citizen Scientists with Smart Phone to generate reliable fisheries data have been successfully piloted. The novel catch monitoring system has been introduced in five sanctuaries and marine habitats involving 60 Citizen Scientists, who efficiently provided real-time species-wise catch data directly to database following easy to use Bangla Apps adapted from ODK (open data kit) module.
Year (Reporting)2019
Reporting statusCompleted
Innovation TypeResearch and Communication Methodologies and Tools

Stage reached

Stage of InnovationStage 2: successful piloting
Year (Stage)2019
Stage DescriptionPiloted in five sanctuaries and marine habitats involving 60 Citizen Scientists successfully completed. Department of Fisheries, Bangladesh may scale up the approach in near future for catch monitoring in its ongoing projects.
Has a lead organizationyes
Lead OrganizationWorldFish
Top 5 contributorsBangladesh Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, Department of Fisheries Bangladesh

Contributions and mapping

All partners
Main CRPCRP on Fish Agri-Food Systems
Flagship projectFP2-Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries
ClusterFP2-1-Resilient coastal fisheries
Other CRPs-Flagships-Clusters


Geographic scopeNational

Targeted outcomes

Main Sub-IDOMore productive and equitable management of natural resources
Other Sub-IDOEnhanced conservation of habitats and resources.
Other Sub-IDO


EvidencesUSAID_Enhanced Coastal Fisheries in Bangladesh (ECOFISH-Bangladesh)_Annual Report Oct 2018 to Dec 2019

Innocent Bikara, Andressa Gutierrez. (2020). Enhanced Coastal Fisheries in Bangladesh (ECOFISH—Bangladesh). Project brief Oct 2018- Dec 2019.

Linked Elements

Outcome Impact CaseHilsa Production and Fishers’ Income Increased due to co-management strategies aimed to enhance the socio-economic resilience of fishing communities in Bangladesh
The declaration of Nijhum Dwip Marine Protected Area (MPA) to generate more sustainable fishing and livelihoods while protecting the marine biodiversity in Bangladesh
PolicyWorldFish contributed to the declaration of the Nijhum Dwip Marine Protected Area (MPA) in Bangladesh through S.R.O. No.211-Law/2019
Hilsa Conservation and Development Fund (HCDF) created and operational guideline formulated in Bangladesh