Due to modern societal trends, adherence to MEDIET model is decreasing, while consumption of takeout and ultra-processed foods and drinks (UPFDs) is exponentially growing in all ages, with alarming levels in many EUR-MED regions (e.g., ≈ 61% in Spain and 79% in Germany). To scrutinise the resulting harmful impact on both population and ecosystem, “MEDIET4ALL” aims to support the transition from UPFs culture to modern and sustainable MEDIET through the implementation of best practices and innovative solutions enhancing the convenience, modernity, competitivity, and shelf life of MEDIET and the adherence to its lifestyle. Specifically, multicenter databases of MEDIET’s ingredients/food and their providers will be created to promote accessibility to MEDIET. Additionally, a variety of highly nutritional and antioxidant-rich “Quick & Easy” MED-recipes that respond to modern trends while following the accredited MED dietary patterns and considering sustainability aspects will be developed. To promote the availability of MEDIET, these modern recipes will be communicated to hotels, canteens, restaurants, and food production companies to provide on-site, takeout, delivered, packaged, and/or ready-to-eat MEDIET meals. To preserve the eco-friendly (e.g., reducing food waste) and food safety characteristics and extend the shelf life of the MEDIET products, active bio-packaging will also be designed. Interestingly, databases of MEDIET’s products (e.g., ingredients, food, modern recipes, and active/bio packaging) and their providers will be uploaded to a strategic “MEDIET4ALL” platform and m-app to support farm-to-fork strategy, help construct multicenter MEDIET supply chains, and obtain cheap ingredients, thereby improving the competitivity and sustainability of MEDIET. The integrative “MEDIET4ALL” platform and m-apps (a smart MEDIET and lifestyle coach) will also include a variety of combined MED-lifestyle interventions tailored to each user profile. Traditional and technology-based awareness and motivational campaigns with extensive marketing and advertising actions to promote MEDIET4ALL movement are also programmed.

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Period of Implementation

Jun 1, 2023 - May 31, 2026
Total Budget

EUR 2,369,357.00


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