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In the agricultural Indian sector, there has been evidence of a lack of pulse's production. Even though in India, and particularly in the Odisha region, there is a huge potential of producing pulses, there are still deficiencies. To meet the gap, the State imports pulses as pulses are a significant source of protein and India accounts for 33 % of the world area under pulse crops. Since prices are getting higher, a coordinated scientific approach is needed to enhance sustainable pulse production. This project intends to improve the pulses scenario in the State given the low State productivity (509 kg/ha compared to the national average yield of 764 kg/ha), the inadequate pulses production in Odisha (total production of 1.06 million tons and a deficit of 0.22 million tons), and the low per capita pulses consumption leading to protein/vitamin mineral malnutrition (PVMM) mostly in women, children and girls.

Period of Implementations

Jul 23, 2016 - Nov 30, 2019

Total Budget

USD 1,077,181.00

Key Documents



Enhancing pulses production for nutritional security, strengthening pulse-based sustainable, and improved agriculture production system in Odisha.


The project objectives are: (i) establish village specific farmer participatory variety selection (FPVS), (ii) develop a plan for Pulse-based Optimum & Sustainable Agriculture Production Systems, (iii) improve SRR in clusters of project villages, (iv) develop stakeholder capacity, and (v) ensure farm economic, social, and environmental benefits.

Impact Pathway

The project aim and research activities are fundamentally oriented at capacity development for enhancing agricultural sustainability and pulse crop yield. India is spending a lot of energy to import products that can produce by itself. For this reason by the use of new and developed systems the intention is to increase the production of pulse crop by 30% and reduce malnutrition and protein deficiency in that areas. The project focuses on farmer field replication of seeds in a cluster of plots, maintain seed hubs at the village level, and subsequent supply to other farmers and state seed system. Also, the extension of the pulse crop cultivated area and the improvement of crop management practices will help to achieve the desired result. The project would deliver training to various stakeholders in partnership with local and state and regional stations, as required.

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