Genomic Prediction to Deliver Heat Tolerant Wheat to the Senegal River Basin (Phase II)

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The partnership established between SLU and ICARDA will enable to strengthen the durum breeding effort of ICARDA to the Senegal River basin, with a positive effect on the local population. The collaborative research between SLU and ICARDA will provide detailed data on the tolerance of durum wheat to warming climates, but also pyramid multiple sources of heat tolerance through a very novel technique: genomic selection.

Period of Implementations

Jan 1, 2018 - Dec 31, 2021

Total Budget

USD 387,276.00

Key Documents



The goal of this project is to reduce poverty in heat affected areas and revitalization of rural communities.


The objective of this project is to deliver superior durum wheat cultivars tolerant to heat stress. This will be also done by the enhancement of breeding knowledge for the local staff, with a special focus on the Senegal River region.

Impact Pathway

The project aim and research activities are fundamentally oriented to deliver durum wheat superior cultivars, for those areas where it is affected by heat stress, with a special focus on the Senegal River region. This will be possible through the ICARDA's heat tolerant genotypes and the genomic selection technique. The analysis and selection of the different durum wheat lines will be done in Morocco, Senegal and Mauritania. The new varieties will contribute to help farmers having constant harvest and reduce food risks caused by climate change. Then, through various training activities, the capacity decision of the local staff will be enhanced in order to ensure the lasting of the results once the project will be completed. So, by an accurate use of the available resources, technologies and the capacity development of the staff involved in the various activities, it will be possible to achieve the final goal of the project, consisting in the reduction of risk hunger in heat affected areas and revitalization of rural communities.

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