AI-Driven Climate-Smart Beekeeping for Women (AID-CSB)

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Based off of a participatory design and user-research process with women beekeepers in Uzbekistan and Ethiopia, AID-CSB will localize a beekeeping companion app and make it available to beekeepers. Incorporating traditional and local beekeeping knowledge and weather data, the app will be driven by data collected by beekeepers to support women, their decision-making for hive management, and provide a low-entry barrier economic activity. The women beekeepers will use the app to monitor and manage their hives by entering data on hive inspections and receiving helpful notifications on when to inspect the hive, weather, pests, diseases, and more.

Period of Implementations

Mar 1, 2021 - Dec 15, 2021

Total Budget

USD 225,689.91



To support biodiversity and enable improved hive management among women by leveraging traditional knowledge and technical assistance to become more productive beekeepers, using a gender-sensitive, participatory and inclusive app development process.


1. Successful technology adoption and usage: How and to what extent is the beekeeping companion used by the lead beekeepers trained during the project period against the target of a weekly interaction as per: (a) Frequency and quality of data collection (b) Frequency and type of interaction with the app to request guidance in case of diseases or anomalies 2. Improved beekeeping proficiency and livelihood effect: We will measure the: (a) Number, frequency, and quality of hive inspections using the app against the target of a weekly interaction (b) Total harvested honey and compare it to the regional average at the end of each harvest

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