AI-Driven Climate-Smart Beekeeping for Women Advisory & Extension (AID-CSB Advisory & Extension)

About Us

AID-CSB Advisory & Extension will adapt a hive management app (The Beekeeper’s Companion) for Lebanon with a focus on women beekeepers and combine it with a web app for extension workers to improve advisory services and monitoring of bee health.

Period of Implementations

Dec 1, 2021 - Apr 30, 2022

Total Budget

USD 57,205.00



Addressing key beekeeping challenges in Lebanon of hive management, access to extension services, and women’s opportunities, the project aims to improve bee health and productivity, making local agriculture more resilient to climate change, collating vital indicators on food security, bee health, and environmental conditions.


- Improve bee health & hive management - Diversify & improve community livelihoods through beekeeping - Pool knowledge to build data & indices on bee, crop & environmental health - Facilitate engagement between beekeepers, extension workers and researchers

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