Use of Conservation Agriculture in Crop-Livestock Systems (CLCA) in the Drylands for Enhanced Water Use and Soil Fertility in NEN and LAC Countries

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The project has been designed to combine an adaptive research program, including integrated capacity development, with the active development of a delivery mechanism for CLCA systems to serve as impact accelerators in both targeted regions. The adaptive research component will include a subcomponent, which involves extensive socioeconomic and market data collection to be used for optimizing adapted CLCA packages for different agroecologies and socioeconomic contexts. (IFAD ID# 2000001630)

Period of Implementations

Apr 13, 2018 - Jun 30, 2022

Total Budget

USD 2,500,000

Key Documents


IFAD President's Report



To sustainably increase production and enhance climate resilience of small farmers’ communities and their crop-livestock production systems in drylands.


To develop local adaptable soil conservation and water use efficiency technologies as well as forage crops and biomass management practices for different CLCA systems in the drylands using agroecological principles and participatory action research approaches.

Impact Pathway

The main target groups directly reached by the project are 3,000 households of small crop-livestock producers in NA and LAC regions whose livelihoods are dependent on crop production and livestock of which 70% will adopt CLCA farming systems with increased production and improved cost-benefits compared to conventional systems. Considering that CL systems form the basis of the livelihoods of two-thirds of the population in developing countries (Herrero et al., 2010), there is a good potential for upscaling of the project’s results. Through the support to innovation systems supporting adoption, the involvement of NARES and linking to IFAD investment projects, the spill-overs are expected to reach 20,000 households, who will indirectly benefit from the project.

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