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MEDITOMATO is a project that brings innovation and sustainability along the whole value chain in the Mediterranean tomato industry. It will provide an appropriate overarching ICT infraestructure integrated with a food traceability system that covers the whole value chain from end to end comprising production and processing that acquires, processes and buffers microclimate conditions, fertilization and irrigation parameters in real time, correlating them with the final amounts produced, the product quality and the environmental impacts in a cloud platform will allow farmers to obtain significative benefits at all levels: (a) to optimize fertigation parameters to maximize yield while respecting food quality and safety criteria, (b) to reduce waste generation, water usage and energy consumption to a minimum, which increases sustainability, (c) to reduce economic losses linked to quality controls. Therefore, the whole tomato supply chain has been selected, , due to its representativity, to address the above mentioned challenges to bring added value at technical, economic, environmental and social levels in MEDITOMATO proposal. The project results will be then replicated to other crops and PRIMA countries to maximize its impact.

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Period of Implementations

Jun 1, 2019 - Nov 30, 2022

Total Budget

EUR 1.999.380,50



The main goal of MEDITOMATO is to demonstrate innovative technology solutions in three demo-sites based on PRIMA countries covering the whole tomato value chain (from agricultural production to fresh product, processing and distribution) enabling this sector (including SMEs and smallholders) to progress at different levels (environmental, food quality & safety, sustainability, traceability, efficiency and water management) contributing to a consistent rural and social development of the Mediterranean agro-food sector supported on a quality, safe and sustainable production basis.


To achive this ambitious goal, the following specific objetives have to be achieved: - Specific objectives realted to individual innovations: O1: Design, engineering and assembly of in/on-line low-cost sensor system based on Visible-Near Infrared (Vis-NIR) spectroscopy for non-destructive monitoring of tomatoes quality during plant processing process. O2: Adaptation of O1 to a low-cost portable sensor system based on Vis/NIR spectroscopy for tomato maturity monitoring during harvest and growing process O3: Development of Internet of Things (IoT) based irrigation systems to obtain at least 10% water and energy savings in comparison to current systems and capable of being interoperable with equipment on the ground. O4: Objective O4: Application of IoT technologies to control fertilise applications of fertigation units. - Specific objetives related to integration of technologies in demonstration sites: O5: Development of a global web platform aggregating O1, O2, O3, O4 as well as a food traceability system (FTS) and the related data analysis in cloud aiming to optimize the whole value chain. O6: Integration and demonstration in three demo-sites in PRIMA countries (Spain, Italy and Turkey) of MEDITOMATO innovations (O1 to O5) under a whole value chain approach. - Specific objectives related to results assessement and maximization of impacts: O7: Microbiological Risk and Impact Analysis. O8: Analysis of the status of the food supply chains: quantification of the techno-economic, environmental (through life cycle analysis, LCA) and social (through social LCA, S-LCA) benefits of the solutions deployed in each site and study of the feasibility for the Mediterranean countries with simulation of business cases in other PRIMA countries for replication of the project after MEDITOMATO execution. O9: Dissemination, communication and awareness raising across the PRIMA countries and exploitation of results to maximize impacts of MEDITOMATO.

Impact Pathway

PRIMA Call for proposals under section Agro-Food value chain 2018 and under topic Implementing innovation in Mediterranean Agro-food chains by smallholders and SMEs defines the following expected impacts MEDITOMATO will contribute to: A. Adoption of innovative solutions by smallholders and SMEs. B. Strengthening the food processing sector in line with Mediterranean values and heritage improving competitiveness. C. Creation of opportunities for growth, diversification and job creation particularly for smallholders and agro-food SMEs. D. Strengthening Mediterranean food value chains, supporting product quality, healthy food consumption and consumer trust. E. Environmental impacts including water management. F. Transitioning towards a circular economy. And specific social and economic further impacts for the partners in MEDITOMATO not listed in the work programme.

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