Wheat is widely grown under semi-arid conditions. The majority of the wheat in the developing world, more than 100 mills Ha, is affected by abiotic stress, as heat and water scarcity because of climatic and/or irrigation problems. The activity under CRP Wheat titled, “Precision field-based Phenotyping Platform for Drought/Heat Tolerance-Morocco (PWPP) / Implementation of high-throughput Phenotyping (HTP) on the Lysimeter Station (PhysioTron) will generate high-quality phenotyping data on abiotic stresses (drought, heat + drought), complementing the potential of new molecular selection technologies, and therefore, expanding the precision and prediction value of phenotyping/genotypic data for new germplasm emerging from the WHEAT and partner breeding pipelines.

Period of Implementation

Aug 1, 2021 - Nov 15, 2021
Total Budget

USD 70,000.00



Complementing field trials with precision drought simulation experiments in controlled conditions. Expanding these phenotyping capacities by adding a HTP system to the PhysioTron. Allowing the collection of different vegetative indexes and the number of spikes for each pot. Providing capacities to phenotype 21 pots in 30 seconds. Ensure the possibility of multiple measurements taken at different day stages.


Adding a HTP system to the PhysioTron, for wheat abiotic stresses such as drough in Morocco, and eventually expand phenotyping capacities.

Problems and Needs Analysis

Global food source heavily depends on cereals, yet their productivity is greatly affected by drought. Despite ongoing breeding efforts to develop drought-resistant cultivars, prolonged droughts in the food-insecure regions may cause famine and epidemics, generate water crisis, impact agriculture-based livelihood systems, food security, and overall economic development. We have witnessed a revolution in genomics, driven by technology and increasing knowledge in the past years. There is now a consensus that phenotyping has become the main bottleneck to use the enormous genomics information.

Intervention Strategy(ies)

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Impact Pathway

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Final Technical Progress Report - Precision field- based Phenotyping Platform for Drought/Heat Tolerance- Morocco (PWPP) 2020-2021

Author(s): Andrea Visioni | Carolina Saint Pierre | Hassan Ouabbou

Date: 2021-12-01 | Type: Donor Report