SUREFISH - Fostering Mediterranean fish ensuring traceability and authenticity

About Us

SUREFISH develops one integral IT Solution able to ensures traceability, authenticity and safety for Mediterranean Fish industry along the whole value chain. SUREFISH implements and demonstrates one unique solution, based on Radio Frequency Indicators, Blockchain, Time Temperature Indicators, and tamper-proof technologies. SUREFISH drafts 12 harmonized protocols and validate related analytical methods to create a trans-national laboratories network. Validation of technological solution through 4 pilot use cases: 1) Tunisia, fresh and marinated anchovies 2) Egypt, farmed fresh tilapia fillets 3) Lebanon, fresh groupers 4) Spain, bluefin tuna

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Period of Implementations

Mar 1, 2020 - Feb 28, 2023

Total Budget

EUR 1.597.025,00



The main goal of SUREFISH is to valorise traditional Mediterranean fish, by fostering the supply-chain innovation and consumer confidence on Mediterranean fish products. SUREFISH will deploy innovative solutions to achieve unequivocal traceability of seafood products, confirming their authenticity, and finally, to prevent frauds in the sector.


Deploying innovative solutions to achieve traceability of traditional Mediterranean Fish. Revision, validation, and harmonisation of protocols to ensure fish authenticity. Development of a mobile app available for the final consumers to have information on the fish. Validation of the proposed innovative solutions in 4 Pilot cases. Sharing data on Mediterranean Fish products.

Impact Pathway

SUREFISH will boost its impacts through a methodology based on a 3-phase approach: Phase 1, capacity building: combining the latest technologies on traceability and authentication in the Mediterranean fish supply chain. Phase 2, demonstration and Integration: validation of the proposed innovative solutions in 4 pilot use cases. Phase 3, Maximization of impacts towards Mediterranean countries: consumer preferences analysis; Dissemination & Communication activites, post-project Exploitation, replicability of the SUREFISH innovation.


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