TRUST - Management of industrial Treated wastewater ReUse as mitigation measures to water Scarcity in climaTe change context in two Mediterranean regions

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TRUST will apply in an integrated way, environmental and economic friendly technical solutions to allow sustainable treatment of wastewater, reuse of water in a relevant allocation strategy (the right water to the right purpose), recovery of useful substances, and savings of energy. TRUST will focus on challenging cases in terms of efficient wastewater treatment of the textile and pharmaceutical industries from Tunisia and Turkey where water scarcity is a major concern and irrigation is a large water-consuming sector. By implementing appropriate advanced treatment to achieve TRL 6-7, TRUST will not only reduce the environmental impact but also save water resources by allowing reuse after pollution control. TRUST’s water reuse strategy will also contribute reducing business instability by developing the market. The consortium gathers partners from EU countries (Italy, France, and Spain), and non EU countries (Algeria, Tunisia, Turkey) working in complementarity and in synergy ensuring to deliver solutions contributing to the objectives of IWRM in water scarce Mediterranean regions.

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Period of Implementations

Jun 1, 2021 - May 31, 2024

Total Budget

EUR 1.985.000,00



To contribute to reducing the water scarcity in Mediterranean regions where the risk is increased by a combined effect of water resources overuse and climate change


Provide novel, environmental and economic sustainable wastewater treatment solutions for challenging industrial wastewaters, applying a circular economy approach and in a synergic collaboration between technology providers, economists and LCA expert. Propose optimal management strategies based on reuse of water at multiple allocations levels, in partnership with water utilities, industries, local and regional water authorities including policymakers. Present concrete scenarios highlighting the impact of water reuse and thus water resource saving in the light of climate change, taking into account the regional constraints identified by hydrologists and hydrogeologists. Identify business models based on a regional approach in order to contribute in sustainable resources management and sustainable business operations through saving of fresh water, reducing operating expenses and developing regional-scale facilities. Two regions will be targeted in this study: Turkey (Textile industry) and Tunisia (Pharmaceutical industry).

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